As good as it gets

We waste much of our existence thinking of a better one than what we believe we have now.

Never experiencing better because we are always thinking of it so we miss what is actually happening. Never experiencing now as we are stuck in thought.

We miss our own life in the unconsciousness of our minds.

Now is as good as it will ever get, so enjoy it, now. Just stop thinking and start experiencing.

Never miss a chance

Life can literally change in a moment or even end. We will never know when, except it will change.

Never miss a chance to give someone a hug, a kiss, to tell them you love them, that you’re thinking about them, that you’re there.

Never skip a moment waiting or thinking for someone or something better. Be grateful for everything you have, right now.

Never miss a chance to try something, to create an experience, to sing, to paint, to smile, to skip…live this moment right now.