We are all living a ‘walter mitty’

We all live a version of a ‘Walter Mitty’ story in our heads, we create these fantasy versions of ourselves, that we act out in our heads, and in many way, in our actions and behaviours in the exterior world.

The challenge is though, that this ‘better’ or more exciting life/story that we create never really materialises and this leads to disappointment. We are dissatisfied, so we create a ‘better’ life, that never happens and then there is only further suffering, always seeking better rather than allowing the amazing human soul that we all are shine bright.

We expect that our ‘Walter Mitty’ life will become real, but it never does, and that leads to a feeling of lack and discontent. It becomes a spiral with no escape from these created personas.

If only we realised that if we let go of all the stories, the fantasies, the roles, the ‘Walter Mitty’ and actually let our true essence shine that we all have the most amazing life and journey to have.

When we are free from the burden of the stories, then we can be at peace within and then we can truly enjoy life now as our true self.

Who you kidding?


We tell the world and ourselves sometimes that we are a particular thing or we are doing a particular activity. A common one is when exercising or dieting, we tell ourselves we ate carefully or walked x miles, when sometimes we didn’t. Short-term it makes us feel better inside.

We might say ‘I am writing a book’ to convince ourselves we are an author, yet we have not even written a single word, having the intention to do something, or adding it to an action list, does not mean that we have done it.

Yet the more we indulge in this habit of talking and not doing, the more we convince ourselves that we are actually an author, or a coach or a whatever we intend to be. Saying it does not make it so.

Surely it is better to try to do that thing, do the hard work, commit and even it fails, at least we had a go, learnt, and did it better the next time than it is to carry on kidding ourselves?

After all, we are expending that time and energy on kidding ourselves, much better to stop the drifting, the pretence, and just do it.

The chemical reward we get from doing makes us happier, healthier and leads to a longer life. The stress, fear, regret and often anger and frustration of not being or doing something makes us unhappy, unhealthy and leads to a shorter life.

It is only ourselves we are cheating as no one else really cares, they are too busy with their own lives and challenges.