Being insightful

Yes, when we write, we’d all like to be really insightful.

However, being insightful is totally subjective.

So don’t sweat about your insight, agonising over every word, simply just write.

Write what matters to you and do not try to second guess what others might like, you can’t. Well, like posting fluffy cat pictures on Facebook, sure we can blow smoke up someone’s arse and be popular, if that’s what you crave.

Forget being insightful, just really say something, as in REALLY say something.


We all have an opinion on most subjects. 

That’s OK, we are all entitled to our views. 

How often, though, have we formed opinions without validating them, perhaps without looking at any evidence to support our views?

OK, so we may only be validating them via the web or a book or another person’s opinion. To certain extent we are then only validating them with another person’s perspective. But we are at least looking at some stats perhaps or anecdotal evidence or a survey/study etc. 

However, at least attempting to verify something we hold as a view has to better than not doing that. 

After all, we may find out while doing our research that there are other perspectives to something we believed was black and white, cut and dried, and simply a ‘fact’.

Opening up our mind to information allows us to be better informed with our views.