Imaginary life

Once we realise that we do not have a life, a thing that we own like a possession, and amaze at the fact that we are life, we can then be at peace.

We can’t have a good or bad life, we can’t think about life as a situation with a middle and end, we can’t then worry about it, it is not a thing that we can lose, or mess up or have a better one.

Just wonder and be filled with joy that right now this moment we are all life.

Stay always focused on now being alive and not in the mind of your imaginary life.

What they think about me

Just stop, for a moment, right now, and realise how much of what we do on a daily basis is based on our mind’s imaginary projections of what other people think of us and how we imagine they judge us.

It subconsciously affects so much of what we do, say, eat, how we dress, the car we drive, the job we do, our house, and the list goes on. Our ego is so affected by this imaginary mind-construct of other people and their view of us.

Amazingly, nearly 8 billion people are constantly thinking about what others think of them.

What if we stopped imagining or caring about what others think about us?

How would that change our actions? What would we do differently?

The moment we become conscious of this is actually the moment we are in this present moment, it is how we break the association with our mind-streams and endless thoughts of how we are judged.

Consciousness breaks the chain of thought, it allows us to realise what others think doesn’t matter and it allows us to realise that we are who we are. We can accept ourselves and others too.

It could change your life forever and it’s a choice we can make right now.