True worth is within

Whatever has happened in our life situation, that is the day to day mind activity that we obsess about, like the past, future etc, is completely on the surface and in the mind, deep at the bottom of the lake as in deep within us, where our soul is, there is peace and calm always. There may be a storm on the surface, but that is not the real world.

We are not our life events, we are not our actions, not our achievements, we are not the past or the future.

We are the beautiful, kind and loving human soul that we will always be, that is there deep inside us.

True worth is beyond the mind, our life situation and the exterior world, it is within and we are always worthy.

Our life situation

Our life situation which consists of the past and the future are all in our heads, well our minds to be precise.

They do not exist in the real world because all that exists is this present moment.

We can only have situations that arise now, which we will either be able to deal with now or not.

Our life situation creates all our pain. Stay present and all the pain goes.