Craft versus mass

By Philip Dodson

Our world is now completely dominated by mass.

Small, crafted ‘art’ has been industrialised in the mass market production of goods and services.

The people involved in that process are no more than cogs in the machine and are denied the human pleasure of crafting something special, unique, different, and a work of love.

We are the poorer for mass in every way.

If you get an opportunity in life to craft something then take it.

It’s a magical world when we create rather than simply fulfil a process.


You can never have enough laughter in life.

One of the best ways to feel better or to lift yourself after a challenging day is to have a good laugh.

Watch something funny with friends or family, pick something you know will make you laugh and just enjoy the magic of having a real good laugh.

It’s a simple pleasure of life and making sure you laugh on a daily basis will make your world a better place.

Never take the world too seriously.