A list of things you enjoy

If you are feeling in need of a lift and a distraction from your routine then simply make a list of the 10 things you enjoy doing the most.

Once you’ve completed the list, sit back, look over it and put the list in a draw and carry on doing what you were doing…No, joking. Simply choose something on the list and do it

Next step – repeat.

Then, keep repeating as often as possible until you mainly do things that you enjoy.

That thing you were going to do

We all have things that we were going to do last week, the week before, the week before that and so on.

There are some things that stay on our list of things to do, week after week after week.

Well, I’m guessing we are all still here, nothing bad has happened from not doing it? So cross it off the list…it doesn’t matter.

It is better to have a list of one or two things that we will actually do each day than a list of 20 things we’ll never likely to do.

Just do what really, really matters. Even if we had the inclination and time to do all the things on our list, 80% of them are a waste of our precious lives anyway. If we get the important things done, then head to the park, listen to some music, spend time with the kids, go for a run, whatever, just don’t do shit that doesn’t matter.