I have nothing to complain about

The default human condition for most of the 7 billion + people is to find something to be discontented about, to moan or complain about and to seek solace with others who want to complain too. The mind loves to complain and voraciously seeks more.

What if the default human position was ‘Thank you for everything that is and that I am and I have nothing to complain about’?

This simply requires changing our practice from energising our repeating thought patterns of moaning, to instead, choosing acceptance and gratitude from our true essence and being.

Wow, what an amazingly different world it would be.

Every high

Every high has a corresponding low, it is the balance in life.

We spend so much energy, time, money and sacrifice to get ever greater highs. Now at whatever the cost, it’s got to be bigger.

Yet we wonder why we are the most discontented the human race has ever been. We chase rather than appreciate.

Bigger isn’t better.