Opposites and creativity

I was inspired by a friend’s post talking about conflict and creativity.

Opposites are an interesting perspective and it made me think of a David Bowie quote ‘religion is for people who fear hell, spirituality is for people who have been there’. The opposite to the dark creates the light.

You need to experience the opposite for it to be so, too. There is no light without dark, no happiness without unhappiness, nothing only exists because there is something.

So maybe you need conflict, the darkness of it, to experience the opposite, creativity or light.

When we are creative it is the light from within that we are sharing with the exterior world.

There has to be the Yin and the Yang in order for balance to exist. So there has to be the opposite to the source of creativity.


The sparkle shines from all of us if we let it be there. The real you and I is there.

When we resist ourselves, when we hold back the urge, when we override the instinct, when we allow the mind to inhibit us, then we struggle. The internal conflict of the mind comes and never goes until we allow ourselves to shine. We allow it to suppress us.

When people talk about finding themselves, we are never lost, we are there always, it is just the mind throws a blanket over the real spirit, soul and essence that is our true being.

The mind inhibits our conscious life and it is our choice to allow it or not.