It’s our rules, we set them inside.

So, it doesn’t matter if we slip up or break them, we decide. We don’t have to follow them and we can change them. In fact, rules are needed at all.

Yet, our mind uses these ‘rules’ to imprison ourselves.

Freedom comes from just letting things unfold as they are, accepting that and then deciding what to do, if anything, now, not in the non-existent future, but now as in our real life.

Colour by numbers


Colouring by numbers maybe fun, once or even twice, if that’s the only colouring book you’ve got and your stuck on a long journey with little choice.

Life is not meant to be a colour by numbers book, but for many that is what life has become, following a series of numbered patterns given to us by others.

Take your pencils and go create art. Art that requires imagination. The world is a limitless place when you shrug off the formulas, restrictions, and certainty.

Risk it, make your own art and don’t be a number.