We don’t own others. Even if we’re parents, our children aren’t ours to own.

Others have to find their own path, suffer their own pain, faces their own challenges and sort themselves out, if they want to.

Others are their own unique souls, which we are all connected to via our own soul and essence.

All we need to do is be an example and share our love and light with them. Not be responsible or take ownership.

Fixing others that aren’t broken

Often in life, especially with people who matter to me, I have wanted, with good intention, to help them and to fix them. If I saw them doing something that I had learnt painfully was a mistake then I so wanted to save them from that pain.

What I have now learnt is people are not broken and they didn’t need fixing, it was me who needed to adjust my perspective, as they weren’t me, I was stuck in autobiographical mode, what mattered to me.

Also, I am now learning to focus on me, not that I am broken and need fixing either, but if I work on being a role model, being inspirational, being a leader, being true to myself, then perhaps if someone does want to change something and then they may see something that I do or have done that might help inspire them.

The whole thing is ratcheted up to a much higher level of desire to fix and help when it is your own children, but here it is even more essential that I am a good role model rather than a fixer of things that are not broken.

Of course, like everything, it is a work in progress for me and learning to let things be is hard, but so worth it.