The binner takes it all

Just having fun is something that we seem to not allocate time for often enough.

Today, my son, daughter and I spent about 1 1/2 hours trying to throw a tennis ball into the top of our garden incinerator that has a small round chimney on the lid, which we turned upside down.

We had to throw from the patio which was about 50-60 feet away (20 metres). So pretty challenging to be honest!

Once we worked out our individual techniques, we each started to get closer, until we were hitting the rim and on three occasions it hit the inside of the lid and bounced out. My best attempt spun round the inside rim of the lid and I was convinced it was going to drop down the chimney and into the incinerator. Alas, it spun off the rim and out.

Even our dog was in the game. She loves chasing the ball, so each time she fetched the ball for us.

Simple game, tons of fun and lots of laughs.

All of us just enjoying the moment and it’s freely available any moment we choose.

A life less complex

Today, I have done some art, wrote, talked to friends, spent time with the family, walked the dog in the woods, built a fire, cooked a roast dinner and I plan to sit by the fire and relax with the family this evening.

Sure, I could have worked, done chores, etc etc etc…

More and more I realise, a less complex and simple life is what makes me happy.

I don’t need or want a bigger business, recognition, awards, or other things that really don’t matter to me.

Have a great week…keep it simple.