What do we really see?

Philip Dodson Blog

What will you see today?

Will you see what your eyes really see or will you see what you mind has told you to see?

I have spent a lot of my life as an adult seeing what my mind allows me to see. That is rarely the real world, it’s mainly the biased mind that I and society has told my eyes to see.

I have started over the last few years to learn the skill of seeing the world as it is. Seeing first, processing the vision second.

It seems an almost impossible thing to be able to do, and that’s what makes it so fascinating, challenging and not possible to resist doing and improving.

I have seen things that I have never seen before. But the vision is still blurry, I wonder what the results will be once I finally remove the film that society has impaired my vision with? How will my life change by not seeing the world through my mind first, a mind that has been tarnished with the views, bias and judgements of others.

I wonder if we would build better, create different and see solutions to problems that we’ve never seen before?

It is not easy to do, but again that is the exciting thing about it.