Dark brings light

If we accept that life always will have dark times, then the inner surrender to what is, and to that, will enable us to be at peace, to be free from resistance and our inner light can shine for us.

The universe will work with us once we accept what is and are at peace with it. Whatever occurs in life, when we realise it has occurred, it is instantly the past, it no longer exists except for in our mind. Therefore, when we let go of the emotions and reactions surrounding what has happened we are instantly at peace. We have chosen to say it does not matter.

That does not mean we are happy about everything whatever, it just means below the turbulence on the surface of life, is always inner calm and stillness. From the challenges in life we expand in their experience and they bring us riches.

We are able to see our patterns of reaction, emotion and thoughts more clearly the darker the situations that occur.

The level of resistance brings the corresponding level of emotion, thought and reaction. Letting go dissolves this all.

It’s the dark things that bring us the light.

The darker they are the stronger the light comes.

3 thoughts on “Dark brings light

  1. I love this sentence Philip – ” Whatever occurs in life, when we realise it has occurred, it is instantly the past, it no longer exists except for in our mind.” And of course I whole-heartedly agree that ACCEPTANCE is key. I wonder however if a body reacts differently when they have experienced a mass of dark/light times, as opposed to an unbalanced amount of either? I find that I’m much more accepting/understanding of life as it is today, then years ago when I hadn’t seen what I have seen or heard, or felt. I will say too that when you’re surviving at first, as opposed to living your life to the fullest, in the moment, and as it is right then/now, one might tend to be a little more able to move forward to the next point in time, and leave the last in the past. Personally, I take life as it comes. Some is more of an murky adventure than I might like, but it’s all a blessing to experience!

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