Within us

To enjoy silence within, and the peace and joy that comes from that stillness, the exterior environment can be noisy or quiet. It is our interior environment that matters.

The silence within comes from a state in which there is no thought or long gaps between thought.

Thought is often stimulated by distractions such as the internet, social media, and other things that are often instant-gratification style attention magnets. The ones that give us a quick fix of chemicals to make us feel momentary ‘happiness’.

However, like all highs, there is always a corresponding low – the yin and yang of the superficial mind related state.

If we choose not to have these distractions and when thoughts occur we simply witness them as the silent observer, then they do not become energised and they fade and dissolve.

Inner silence can then come within us, even in the noisiest place and that is as important as air, light, food and any other things that nourish our soul.

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