Stone in the shoe

Deny things is a simple resistance to what is and will cause inner suffering, mental and thereafter, physical too. Like continuing to walk with a stone in our shoe, hoping that it might just go away. Denying that it’s there brings pain.

Acceptance of the stone in the shoe, what is, allows us to simply deal with it now, or not deal with it as that’s a choice too, but we end the suffering in the mind as we’ve accepted that it’s there. We do not hide from what is occurring now or in almost all cases, what has already occurred and therefore we are unable to change no matter how much we want to.

The only time we can actually deal with anything is now. Anything other than that simple acceptance is mental suffering and in the case of the stone in the shoe, physical as well, which interestingly always comes after mental suffering.

Ostrich mindset

So the story goes, that when an ostrich sees a problem, a threat, it buries it’s head in the sand. It’s belief is, if it can’t see the threat, it will just go away.

Many people and businesses do this, hoping it will all be ok. The unfortunate reality is that it isn’t ok and the threat or problem is just getting worse and will never go away.

The stone in our shoes only goes away when we tip the stone out of our shoes.

Whatever it is, facing it and being prepared to be vulnerable is the only way we can overcome challenges. It takes bravery and is not as easy as it was to write it. We have to build up, change habits, step out of the comfort zone and prepared to feel awkward, exposed and struggling.

Hiding is the worst strategy and longer term more painful.