If we did as we were told

Parents, teachers, bosses and so on all say ‘do as you are told’.

If we always did as we were told, where would the human race be? Would anything have been invented? Would anyone have stood up to tyranny? Would anyone have done anything about injustice? Where would we be without the rule breakers?

We are not here to do as we are told.

There is a nomad in us all

Sheep is what we have become, firstly enslaved by the myths of the first mythmakers to wipe out all other human species, then to populate the planet, then enslaved by wheat, that we humans helped to become the most successful plant on the planet.

Previous to the agrarian revolution that occurred about 14,000 years ago we were free to roam and we were nomadic. We did not do back breaking work in a field all day long tending wheat and living all on top of each other catching disease and becoming more controlled by the few.

Then the industrial revolution came and we became more and more enslaved by the industrialists and their factories.

The industrialists armed with huge profits, and more likely with initial good intention, bought up the schools, universities, the politicians, the world. That tiny elite, the modern mythmakers, have successfully turned us all into even more compliant sheep, whipped into line via their media messages, their laws, their rules and the fears they have manufactured to control us with.

But in our DNA is still the urge to be free, to roam, to live a simple, meaningful life free from the disease of money, consumption, and control. Our enslavement is only possible all the time we believe their myths and all the time we succumb to fear.

Try roaming, try being nomadic, try being curious about your urge for freedom.

There is a nomad in every one of us, go and roam, leave the flock.