The girl from Ipanema

When Astrud Gilberto sings this song it conjures up vivid images of Rio and the Copacabana more than any other version.

It’s a timeless classic and especially when she’s singing in Brazilian it’s truly unique. Despite its many covers this is the version that people love and remember.

With the things that matter to us, we need to be the stand out classic that will make an impact, that will bring our message to life and not some cover that people can take or leave.

Say it more than once

If we have something to say, then say it more than once.

Repetition of our message has value.

Not the exact same words every time. Parrots are monotonous.

The people who like what you have to say, want to hear more. Those who have not heard you, deserve to hear what you have to say.

The important thing is, if you’ve got something to say of value, keep sharing it.

Finally make your message easy for others to understand and share. 

It can take a while for people to hear you.