If the human race stopped thinking, as in the repeating thoughts that we all have every single day that take up 99.9% of our mind’s capacity, and instead used that capacity to manifest what we really wanted to create, just imagine what we could create? It’s unlimited.

After all the US patent office in the early 1900’s considered closing as everything that could be invented had been! Just over a century later look at what has been created that might not have been if there hadn’t been people brave enough to stop thinking the sabotaging thoughts and just do it.

Invite a stone age human to a 2021 house…impossible for them to even begin to comprehend our cave!

The only thing that limits us is us and our thinking.

Save yourself

The only thing that limits us in life is ourselves.

Others can influence us through being inspiring but they can’t fix it for us, not even reading this blog everyday will sort it.

Well that’s assuming we even need fixing and we don’t.

Our limiting beliefs define our journeys, if we want a different journey to a different destination we have take off the limits we’ve imposed.

It’s a choice and a conditioning that can be changed once we choose to.

It just takes a shit load of practice!

But save yourself from yourself. Take off the limits.