Except for this moment

It all goes away
The wind comes
The leaves blow around
The trees bend
Branches break
More leaves fall and disappear

It all goes away
The sea comes
The wave breaks
The sand gets wet
The wave retreats
The sand dries

It all goes away
The bulb sprouts
The shoots come
The stem grows
The flower blooms
The flower dies

It all goes away
It’s all temporary
Life comes
Life goes
Nothing lasts
Except for this moment

Life is fragile

Make each day  for smiling, laughing, not taking things too seriously. Hug, love, be kind, say things and do things that matter. 

Each time we face a situation assess on a scale of 1, hardly important, to 10, life threatening. Most will undoubtedly be 1 or close to 1. 

Life is fragile and there are no guarantees.