Take its course

Let things be and just be…be ourselves. Let our true essence shine out.

The more we try, the more we create resistance. When we force, it creates friction, resistance from others.

When we let go, then things happen and whatever happens was meant to be as it was beyond our control. The universe decides things that are not within us.

When we are grateful for all we have, at peace within, calm and in acceptance of what is, then we realise actually we don’t need the things we think we need.

Let everything take its course and go with flow. What is meant for us comes to us.

Friction points – isolation kills

You need friction points – isolation kills business – by Philip Dodson


Over 50% of us will be self-employed/freelancing/solo-preneurs within the next 10 years or less. The issue for anyone who is working for themselves is the challenge of isolation.

If you work at home all day every day or as a nomad in coffee shops, three things will happen:

1 – You will find that you will not be engaging in human contact – esssential for happiness & well being

2 – You will not be hearing about new ideas or sharing yours

3 – You will not be getting the motivation that being around others, who are working, creates

These will lead to you lacking motivation, getting cut off from the latest views, ideas & thinking. It will lead to your productivity falling and it will ultimately result in you becoming Isolated.

Businesses thrive on opportunity, which often comes from a ‘friction point’ occurring by making a connection with others. This a great phrase, that Bernie Mitchell of Engaging People used when we had a ‘friction’ point, which lead to him doing a podcast on co-working with me. It sums up exactly why you need to connect face-to-face with others.

These friction points lead to opportunities being created, that would have never have happened if you were at home or in a coffee shop. They don’t happen by email or skype, they only happen when two people connect in real life.

These friction points create opportunity to share ideas, to discover new connections, to create a new network and will inevitably lead to more success in your business.

People need to be able to feel and touch your business, as your business more often than not, will be you. You are the brand, the service, the company and in the new world of a connected consumer, they will never be able to share experiences about your business, if you are at home and isolated from others every day.

So for the ever increasing number of self-employed the solution is co-working, where you can collaborate, share and connect with others.

Working for yourself should never be by yourself.