The inner world is a reflection of our inner peace or not.

The exterior world is a reflection of what we transmit to the world.

That transmission is based on our inner state.

If we want a better world, we must first have a better inner state.

The world is a reflection of what we think it is and what we manifest it to be.

If we think that people and the world are bad then that is what is reflected back to us.

If we see good in the world and people, then that’s what we see coming back to us.

It is all a choice.

Be first

We always look to others to change, however, it all starts within us.

Kindness, empathy, love, understanding, calm and joy come from within us not from others.

If we are the example, that is how things change in the exterior world, as we always manifest our own reality. If we believe that the world is bad it is, if we believe it’s good, it is.

Be first, change within and be the example…don’t wait.