Picking sides

We are divided into camps
Left or right
In or out
For or against
Black or white
Hate or love
Yes or no
My way or the highway
Fit in or…
Picking sides

Battling each other
There are no winners
We are all on the same side
We are all human
Choose each other
Be love
Be joy
Be kind
Be one
Be awake
Be conscious

They manipulate our minds
They make us choose
They make us judge
We form opinions of us and them
Divided we fall
Picking sides separates us
Love keeps us together

Not choosing


We can be gripped by the fear of starting something or doing something different, we are fearful of change.

Yet why do we not fear doing nothing?

Doing nothing or not choosing has consequences too. Just because it is doing the same thing and we perceive it to be comfortable or safe does not mean that there aren’t consequences. In fact, often a whole lot more than doing something has.

We do not need to fear anything, but we only seem to fear change, doing, different and risky.

Perhaps we are frightened of living our life how we want and, therefore, we accept comfortable, safe and certain. Where perhaps if we feared routine, comfort and avoiding choice, then we might choose doing or change more often.