The problem with hating

The problem with hating something or someone is we focus all our energies on being critical and judgemental of something we do not control.

Hate only leads to hate in return and leaves us feeling angry, victimised and stuck. It also drains us, is negative and leaves us looking for more things to hate.

Far better to ignore the things that do not suit us or we do not like, let go and to concentrate on building things we love and being with people we love.

A judgement of others is very often a judgement of ourselves.

Tear it down

Tear it down, then what? What goes in its place?

It’s far easier to say ‘tear it down’ or ‘I don’t like that’ than to propose something else.

It’s substantially more positive and rewarding, to create an alternative, even if it is hard work initially.

Different options, if inspirational, motivate action and long lasting change.

You can not change by using criticism, you can by providing another choice that is not reliant on referencing how bad what is already there is.

Ignore what you do not like, and build an alternative that others can be inspired by.

Tear it down leads to being anti rather than pro something you believe to be better.

After all, it is all opinion.