The stronger us humans have become attached to our mind, thoughts, ego and unconscious state the further we have gone from nature, sanity, light and wisdom. We can not see reality, we can not see what is in plain sight, we can not understand the most simple things, we are too busy looking into the past or the future through the lenses of our story that we do not see now, this very moment, the only moment.

So many intuitive things have now been hidden by the dust of our mind and its negative, sabotaging and controlling thought patterns…yes, the same ones that we have every single day and serve no purpose. I say hidden, as the intuition and wisdom are always there, they are part of our soul and essence that can never go, it has just become lost temporarily due to our mind and its control. The light has been covered in dust but it is still there, a bit like on a cloudy day, the sun has not suddenly disappeared, we just can’t see it clearly.

We are not our minds, our thoughts, the story of ‘little me’ is a fantasy and fabrication of our egos. There is just one you or me, it is our essence, being, soul…the ball of energy that makes up everything in the universe.

For example, like many, in state of psychological fear, are hoping for a vaccine to cure something, they override and ignore the fact that they have the most sophisticated, advanced and amazing internal immune system, it is the very reason us as species are still on this rock, we are designed to overcome diseases.

But the power of the mind and its fear, not real present moment fear of a savage bear about to attack us, which we can, of course, deal with that. I’m talking about the fear of something in the future, so imaginary, not real, a fantasy, an illusion we can not deal with as it isn’t real. So it causes us suffering and pain and then the mind looks for an answer or salvation, especially we look to others to bring us the solution. Of course, it doesn’t come, because even if there was a vaccine for ‘x’, then ‘y’ would come and cause us more fear again. it never ends when we are engaged with the mindstream.

The mind and our pain bodies thrive on fear, drama and the next thing to think and worry about, one thing creates the next in a vortex of perpetual suffering. When we detach ourselves from that and leave thought to be, like clouds floating past in the sky, then we can become aware and conscious again, no longer being dragged along by thought. We can then clear the clouds from the sun, we can then let the light shine, we can stop the insanity of thought and fear. We can allow our wisdom to come and flow, this will allow us to see simple things, the obvious, to see things as they are in this moment. Everything is as it is, always. The denial of that comes from the insanity of our mind and its ego, wanting something different to reality.

We can only see anything as it is when we allow ourselves to just be. Inner peace comes in this state and nothing bothers us, we are able to solve anything now this moment and accept that sometimes there is no answer, there doesn’t have to be, it’s OK. Everything is always OK now. Good and bad are only made so by the mind.

The mind can solve puzzles, an IQ test, or remember information, however, thoughts and the mind only cloud over real intelligence, love and light from our soul.

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