It’s raining

I love the rain, it brings a crisp clean air, it washes away, it renews, it brings life, it is joy.

Without rain nothing would exist.

Also, it’s great to just stand in the rain and experience the feeling and the joy of the water droplets falling onto your head, and face and skin. To just be with nature, with this moment, to just exist in a state of peace.

Splash in a puddle, in fact, jump right into it and get really soaked.

Joy comes from the most basic simple things, yet we are conditioned to be searching for the next ‘big’ thing. Happiness can be experience always in this moment from the simple, basic, so called ‘ordinary’ things.

Get out and enjoy the rain.

The weather

Often, especially here in the UK, we are constantly looking at the weather forecast and react either positively or negatively depending on what’s forecast. Usually here in the UK, negatively no matter what is predicted…too hot, too cold and so on.

The reality compared to the forecast is often completely different, in some cases bearing no resemblance at all to what was forecasted only the evening before. That’s not strange really as the weather is not predictable despite what the forecasters would have you believe.

This is like life, the forecast in our head and reality are nearly always completely different, yet we spend most of our waking hours projecting forward into the future and suffering internally from our projections, only for it to be not what we expected. All that wasted energy on trying to predict the unpredictable.

Like the weather, life is best when we just wait for what unfolds with each moment. Predict the unpredictable, and suffer less.