Writing for others

When we try to write what we think others will like two things happen. Usually, this happens when we read criticism or we look at the stats.

One you’ll never know and therefore your writing suffers, and you keep trying to guess, to please.

Two, you are not being your true self. So what is the point if you don’t write what is your essence?

Write for yourself, even if no one else likes it, it’s your voice.

Stats and stories 

Do as much research as you like, get as many stats as you want. Add some pie charts, graphs, data and as many factual pieces as you can gather. 

Nothing beats the story, the human part, the thing that we can relate to, empathise with, imagine being there. 

We are humans not machines. We don’t need more stats, we need more stories. 

Tell yours with the passion it deserves, as we all have something worthy of sharing.