If you are selling certainty, why are you not using the certainty for yourself? If you’re looking to buy it, don’t, there are no shortcuts that others can provide you with that work.

There is only one certainty, this moment.

Live life for this moment, deal with what is now. Have your goals, then focus on them now. If we all concentrate on now, slowly but surely every moment we get more and more momentum and over time we reach our goals. If we focus on the gaols, we are looking into the future instead of doing. It isn’t the outcome, it is this moment in the journey that matters, what we do with it.

If we are looking for a shortcut, it is because we have no faith in our dreams and goals, as we are not prepared to sacrifice and commit to doing it now, we are looking to ‘do it’ in the future, which never happens.

Buying certainty is an excuse, a way of running away and looking for others to do the work.

Now is here, what will we all do in this moment?

Is there a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

We are always looking for it.

Lottery tickets, betting on something, looking for the shortcuts, trying to find a way to get to the pot of gold.

Yet our pot of gold is on our hands every day of our life, we just have to invest in getting it.

Invest the time and effort in ourselves and our dreams, work on it every day, trying to improve and get better.

There are no shortcuts that are worthwhile.

The long-term game is the only one to play and you will then get to your pot of gold, whatever ‘gold’ is for you, maybe happiness, joy, fulfilment, meaning…..If it’s money, then perhaps carry on trying to find the end of the rainbow, or buy more lottery tickets.

Hard work, commitment, discipline, passion, determination, applying learning, patience and love will bring gold.