If you want to get rich

‘If you want to get rich beyond your wildest dreams, then I have put together an easy to follow guide to getting rich, so you too can have the riches that I have…simply click the link to download your guide now’

It’s the same script for many who are selling you shortcuts, guaranteed wealth, happiness, and so on.

There are no shortcuts to riches as you are already rich. Not rich in terms of financial wealth or material wealth. You are born with all the riches you’ll ever need for a purposeful and joy-filled life. You can find them deep in your inner soul and you can unlock them whenever you need them through becoming awake, conscious and away from the mind and thought. The very thought that constructs the mind trap of shortcuts and the very thought that believes you need them to find happiness.

If you are poor and stuck in your mind and unhappy, if you were to get rich quick, you would still be stuck in your mind and unhappy, but with a big pile of money.

Richness within the soul is peace, love, joy, calm, and just being, being awake and experiencing the unlimited riches contained in the present moment. Consciousness is the only riches you’ll ever need.

Meaning not money


If what you are doing has a real meaning to you. If it is likely to resonate with an audience you have created, and enhance their lives, no matter how small that enhancement might be, then that is happiness and ultimately success.

If you are merely creating something for any audience, and you’re only successful outcome is to make money no matter how, then it will not enhance yours or the lives of the people you touch in anyway.

It is a simple choice, do something meaningful or do something that only provides an income. Why would you spend an entire lifetime to choosing an income over meaning?

True wealth and riches, not monetary wealth or riches, but a wealth of happiness and a rich life doing something that reaches the soul, is surely all that matters.

So being financially rich means selling your soul and missing out on a life of meaning, missing memories, missing time with the people who matter and missing sharing your unique talents to the betterment of others. It often means overriding your values to make that money, if money was the only reason for doing what you do.

The poorest in terms of money can have the richest lives.