Our perceived lack

The universe gives us everything that we need, there are opportunities there for us all in every unfolding moment.

However, we miss most of them, if not all, because we are to busy wondering in our minds what the future might be, where the opportunities will come from and how miserable we are that we do not have what we want to see now, this moment and what is there.

When we are conscious, we truly see, rather than seeking in our mind and suffering from our perceived lack.


Often I have heard people say ‘it’s not what you do, it is what you’re perceived to be doing’.

The subterfuge, the illusion, the deception, is it worth it?

Perhaps, it works for a while in the ‘arse-covering’ world of the corporation.

But surely it is best to do the best you can, whenever you can.

Why create illusions?

Why not create the real thing?