Others and their struggles

When we come across others that do not respond to us how we might like or they lash out for no apparent reason, it might not always be obvious, but they may be struggling in life with issues and challenges.

Challenges within often manifest into reactions that cause an outpouring of our struggles onto others. It isn’t anything another has done, it’s just we choose to lash out on them.

People need our compassion, empathy and understanding first, not our judgement, criticism or reaction.

Clinging on by a fingernail


Sometimes in life, we can get pushed back towards the edge of the precipice and we keep stepping back. It becomes a habit and our energy gets drained. It becomes a spiral.

We get to the edge and we think ‘that’s it’ and we slip over the edge and into the ‘abyss’ we go.

However, we manage to grab the edge and cling on by a fingernail.

Life has its tough moments and we feel like there is no option sometimes and the urge is to let go and give in.

Often though this very moment is where we find the something, that will, an urge to fight.

Some of the most magical, greatest and fulfilling moments and creations that people have enjoyed have come from these moments of hardship and sometimes despair.

It is the true test of our commitment to realise our dreams and ambitions.

The easy option and long-term far less rewarding or meaningful is to keep letting go and giving in at tough moments.

Cling on and rise strong from our falls.