A thought

Perhaps we could choose just to pause in advance of tomorrow, where those who are privileged enough, will all sit down to open presents, eat large feast like dinners, enjoy time with friends and family, perhaps we could all spare a thought for what we are actually celebrating or doing this all for every year.

Perhaps, a thought for those less privileged and what we collectively could do to help those people not just once a year when we are conditioned to be kind to each other, but all throughout the year.

What really is it all about? What could we do differently if we were not conditioned to behave this way once a year? Is there really any meaning to Christmas anymore and what was the idea in the first place?

Or we could choose to not pause and carry on.

A kindness

Take a trip to any city or town in most of the world with a week to go to Christmas and streets and shops are packed with people buying stuff, most of which nobody needs.

If only we could transfer that energy and activity to doing a kindness for another human being who is perhaps less fortunate than we are, wow, what a different world it would be.

Perhaps, over the next 7 days, we could choose to just do one small random act of kindness each day, it may become a habit we want to continue beyond 7 days.