How much of our days do we spend on autopilot?

Not even noticing anything, constantly in our minds thinking of the past or constructing the future.

Doing most things as a means to end but never getting to an end, because when or if we get there we do not enjoy the moment as we are already with thouhgts of what’s next.

We are on a automatic conveyor belt to the end of our journey without every enjoying the journey.

Switch the autopilot off and live life now. Enjoy every moment, there are no gaurantees for any of us.


I picked a random number and now I am writing about it.


It is two weeks.

Two weeks, what could you do in two whole weeks?

Maybe you could write a book, paint your house, learn to dance, go on a trip, improve your business, change a relationship, who knows?

We do not know what life will throw at us at any point, yet often two weeks of our lives will drift by on autopilot in a blur and we would not even notice what we had done or missed.

Take the next two weeks and do something new, something amazing, do something different for the next two weeks and see where it leads to.

Tell someone every day for two weeks that you love them, smile at a stranger for 14 days in a row, eat one less thing for 14 days, walk for 15 minutes every day, watch 30 minutes less YouTube, call one person, do some act of generosity and kindness each day, whatever it is, do it 14 times.

You’ll never know unless you try.

What will you do different just 14 times?