The cycle of life

We are all just one step away from having nothing, we can in an instant moment lose everything. Yet we spend our time wanting more and judging those we think we have more than.

We take so much for granted and we do not appreciate what we have. Always looking for more and more.

A life that is centred around appreciation of what we have and being truly grateful for it allows us to be able to deal with the unexpected. We can be at peace, no longer seeking our happiness through more or feeling better than others, which always leads to suffering.

Life goes up and down in a cycle and nothing lasts, it is all temporary.

Enjoy what you have right now and see anything else as a bonus and that will lead to lasting joy, no matter what the cycle of life brings.

The conveyor belt

One step at a time is all that life requires.

All too often our mind is already several steps, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and sometimes even years ahead of the moment we are in.

This results in us not even being conscious of the moment we are in.

The mind is perhaps looking forward to dinner or a date or a holiday (maybe not now!!) so the ‘ordinary’ moment is denied and not noticed. The trouble is, when we are at dinner or the date, instead of appreciating that moment, the mind has already moved on.

This process, if left uninterrupted, leads to a lifetime of never appreciating our real life that is now.

Our mind can become a conveyor belt that whisks us past our real life in a constant blur of thought.

Stop the conveyor and jump into this moment.