1,000 blog posts

I just noticed as I was about to hit ‘new post’ to write today’s blog that I have published 1,000 blog posts as of yesterday.

So what? you could say. Well, you’d be right, no one else really cares about these things and a number, no matter it’s size, on its own is not the thing that matters. Big numbers are not always better than smaller numbers.

I didn’t share that fact to say ‘look at me, I’m amazing’, OK partly I might have done! I did it to remind myself that when I started this blog site and if someone would have said to me ‘Philip, write 1,000 blogs in 3 years’ I would have laughed.

It is a reminder to me and perhaps, only perhaps, an inspiration to others, that with some small daily commitment of time you can achieve a great deal if you stick with something.

Again, it is not just the 1,000 posts, it is all that it has brought to me. I am a better writer, not just in content, but speed and accuracy. It has connected me with people, it has been a commitment that I have been able to transfer that skill to other areas, building things slowly and sustainably. It has enabled me to be better a creating other content too.

It has become a habit and once they are formed habits are hard to break good or bad.

The thing is, we can all do these things, we are no more or less special than anyone else. What we choose to practice often enough is what we create and become even better at.

A 1,000 miles

Ok, so those who know me will know that occasionally I do things without much thought. My mate Bernie always laughs about my 30-day challenge, I did 8 challenges all at once, instead of just 1, every day for 30 days. Yes, unsustainable.

Anyway, I chap called Simon Jordan, who I only know through Facebook, I am not even sure how we got connected, a friend of a friend. Anyway, he’s a super active bloke, I like his posts a lot, last year he climbed to Everest Base Camp, started an amazing campaign called ‘5 Things Clear’ about clearing up rubbish from beaches and is a super positive and inspirational person.

This week he posted a challenge on Facebook to join him in running (or walking, phew!!!) a 1,000 miles in 2018. Well, that doesn’t seem much I thought and I like walking so I said ‘I’m in’ and joined the club on Strava and set off yesterday for my first walk to the nearby lake through the woods and fields, up and down hills, very muddy, Cookie our dog loved it as always, got home 3.1 miles done. Great.

Set off today for the same walk, upped it a bit by taking a slightly longer route back, 3.7 miles. Great.

That means I have 993.2 miles to go in 359 days!! SHIT – that is 2.8 miles a day, every single day for the next 359 days.

I am going to need to up the game a lot more, as there will be days when I will not be able to do it. Or is that the old mentality of ‘not enough time’ bullshit, Philip?

Well, yes it is and as I know from my daily blogging (2 years and 4 months now) and my daily writing journal (928 days completed out of the last 929 and current 757-day streak) that there is always time for the things that you really want to do.

So, I have decided to add to the 1,000 miles challenge in 2018 by doing a 1,000 pieces of writing and that will include my personal blog (365) and my daily writing journal (365) and that leaves another 270 blogs to write on things like coworking, productivity, deep work and other articles related to my Deep Work Project. I won’t publish my 750 Words writing journal, I’ll spare you the ramblings of my mind, but the other 635 posts I will on here as always and on the Deep Work Project site.

Finally, as I do a piece of daily art/photography already as one of my daily rituals, I am going to create/take a 1,000 photos/pieces of art in 2018 and then publish them too. I will post these on my Instagram.

So that’s 1,000 miles walking, 1,000 pieces of writing and create 1,000 pieces of art/photos by the end of 2018.

Shit, it’s going to be a busy year!