What has jargonisation done?

The corporatisation, sterilisation, jargonisation and homogeneity of words used in both speech and written communication…stop…just read that again and look at the words what do they say to you? There is no emotion or humanity in those words.

We use words like actionable, leverage, diversity, disconnected, the long tail, skillage, siloed, uplevel, work-force reduction, right-sizing and the list of these cold and sterile words could fill a book.

We have removed love, kindness, understanding, compassion and humanness from how we now communicate. We are afraid of plain, warm and understandable speaking.

We use words that remove feeling, they are bland, overcomplicated and devoid of a human touch that allows the recipient to feel seen and to feel any warmth towards another soul.

We have removed love from our lives and replaced it with coldness.

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