I’ll do it later

One day, it comes to an end.

One day, we realise that we have no more chances.

One day, we know that there will not be a tomorrow.

Is today that one day?

Most of us do not know.

So what if this was the last day?

What would you regret not starting?

What would you regret not saying?

Now is our life, not yesterday, not tomorrow. Now is the only moment that we can alter, now is the only moment we can start something, do something, say something.

Our lives are made up of continuous ‘now’ moments, each one a unique moment in time that we can do anything we choose. Or, do nothing.

It is entirely of our own making, every moment of every day for a lifetime. Strung together, it forms what happens in our journey, but they pass immediately into the past never to come back.

The future never happens, as it is that, the future and there are no guarantees for anyone. The future is shaped by what we do now.

10 minutes ago, 1 hour ago, 1 week ago, your entire life to this point, you can not alter, it’s gone.

We can not do everything we want in the ‘now’ moment, we can only do a single thing, but each bit of procrastination, each moment we allow ourselves to say ‘I’ll do it later’ is a ‘now’ moment in our life gone forever.

Later never comes, do whatever you can do, now.

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