This is not a dry run


Life is not a dry run. It is the live show, from the moment we are born, it is the real thing, not a practice or test run.

Yet we often say to ourselves ‘I’ll do that, when this happens’ or ‘it is not the right time’ or’ I’ll do it next year when I have more time’.

The only certainty about life is, it is a deadly journey, one that will end the same way for all of us.

It is the bit between the start and the end, that we control. Sure the more you try something, the better you get.

However, for a great deal of our lives, we are doing slightly less than our best, as we are reluctant to go all the way and create our best.

The other thing, unlike a game, we can’t go back to the start and have another go. We can of course learn and get better, but we can not go back to the start of life and reset. Yet we seem to live as if we have boundless time, endless ‘goes’ and there isn’t a finite amount of time.

Interestingly, we live like that, even though our last day could be today or 10 years from now, we just don’t know. However, we often live, procrastinating on things, as if life was an endless thing.

So from the moment we are born, the cameras role, there is no pause button, you’re the main character in the film, so don’t hide in the shadows practising your lines forever, at some point we have to take centre stage and do it for real.

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