Marvel-ous new skills


I blogged about this recently. We are told that you get to a point in life, where you are too old to learn new things. However, if you don’t try, you’ll never know.

I have committed, as part of my rituals of success that I set myself for each day and some weekly, to learn a new skill once a week.

If successful, that will be 52 new skills I will have enriched my life with over the course of a year.

Part of the fun will be coming up with new skills each week to learn, and I will aim to get bolder each week.

This week I have been learning a new drawing skill. I love art, and for much of my adult life I have not done art. It was one of those things, that fuelled with the brainwashing of our homogenised/industrialised world society, I had told myself was not important, and I should be focussing on more important things.

Since I have been doing more art again, I have not only become happier, more chilled and guess what? more creative too.

So, I have been learning how to draw people, cartoon style and comic style. I have previously found this very hard, well mainly because I had told myself it was hard and I can’t. Gradually this week I have been getting better and better.

Not quite Marvel standards, yet.

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