Working out loud

Bernie working out loud on our new website
Bernie working out loud on our new website

So the term ‘working out loud’ belongs to John Stepper, I’m just borrowing the concept, rather than claiming it as my idea.

It’s an ace idea about sharing your work, well sharing it out loud.

I rarely mention my coworking business in my blogs here, however, I am on a mission at the moment to put my why back into the business and to make sure the why, how and what are in total harmony.

I blog, periscope and post stuff on Facebook, all about the need to do something about the industrialised system that we currently suffer, however, like all armchair critics, there is mainly a good deal of talk and not a lot of action. Well not anymore.

So I am currently working with Bernie, that’s my super cool mate who knows Seth Godin (apparently), and we are redesigning @Work Hubs into the New World Project, which will take the business on a journey to start creating an alternative i.e. doing something about it, instead of talking.

It’s a long journey, as two blokes can’t change the world on their own, and you have to start with small community changes first. Then momentum will take it further along the road.

We decided that we are going to work out loud and share the journey.

For two reasons, firstly, it will help 2 of the world’s biggest talkers be publicly accountable, and more likely to ‘ship’ something.

Secondly, we hope by sharing it, we will help others, when they have to face changes in their business.

Also, to inspire others that you can make changes to the world, however, big or small, that will make a difference.

So we’ve started – to read more then click here.

That’s it, back to my usual blogs here tomorrow.

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