A world for the many not just a few


So imagine a world that was run by the people for the people. A world that focused on the needs of the many and not of the few.

That is the ‘why’, a world that focuses on the needs of the many not the few. One that sees everyone as an equal human being. It is no longer acceptable to a have a few people being able to control such a disproportionately huge amount of the worlds power, resources and money.

It can’t be right that there are homeless, starving, jobless and generally struggling people on the planet. We have enough resources, we have the intelligence, we have the awareness and a growing willingness to change this.

It needs a cause, a movement, a leader and a ‘why’.

It is time that like minded people on this planet came together in a movement to inspire this change to happen. To stop large corporations, wealthy individuals and complicit governments from exploiting the 99% of the world’s population.

We need to stop listening to the biased propaganda of the elite, we need to stop buying-in to the lies that we have and are being peddled daily by the establishment. It is time to bypass the old school world.

The human race is at unique point in our evolution to shake off hate, greed, judgement and aggression. To be replaced by love, kindness, empathy, support and fairness.

We are the only living organism on earth that has the frontal part of the brain, the ‘human’ brain that essentially gives us a conscience and gives the ability to be rational and logical.

If we were to take a blank sheet of paper and start again with a new blueprint for the human race, then who would start off with saying ‘ok lets give most of the money and resources to just 1% and then leave millions and millions to suffer’. Then who would say ‘ok when the elite 1% want to get more of the world’s resources or protect what they have, we’ll send out others to fight wars and kill each other and many millions of innocents too’.

Here’s another one ‘let’s create giant global corporations, who can do whatever they like all over the planet, exploiting staff, destroying the environment, poisoning the population with sugar and chemicals, to ensure never ending consumption, dependency and increased profits to be given to the very few at the top’

No right minded human would engineer a world like that. Yet this is just some of the examples of what a small number of our human kind have created.

Many defending just say ‘well that’s the way it has always been’ and ‘it’s human nature’.

Well it is not the way it has always been, human beings succeeded through cooperation, collaboration and forming communities that helped, shared and protected the community for the greater good. In addition it is animal nature that creates greed, hatefulness and it is only by using our ‘human’ brains and logic, that we will see that love, kindness, empathy, support and fairness, will change things.

The people who encourage hate, greed, selfishness and fear are the elite, who want to distract us from what they are doing to us.

We are constantly sold lies and sold fear, so as to hate and judge others. Hate is an easy way to get people to support wars for example, all of which are sold to us on this over-simplified good vs evil theory. When it is so much more complex than that. The wars are always related to economics and money, either acquiring more or protecting what the establishment already has.

So let’s get together, like minded souls of this planet, dare to be different, dream up an alternative operating system for the world based on love, kindness, empathy, support and fairness. Let’s move beyond what has already been done, which has failed and let’s dare to be great and do what we know to be right – build a world for the many not the few, focus on people and realise that we are all, every single one of us, a worthy and equal human being.

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