Don’t bother selling…..there is no point


If you have to sell your product or service, then you have failed.

Successful businesses create things that people want and they attract the right customers by telling the world why their particular business exists.

If you have got to the need to sell, then your product/service has failed to inspire, it has simply become a commodity and there will be little or no loyalty from the customers that you manipulate to purchase it.

Sales should be renamed manipulation. If you are at the stage of having to engage in strategies (tactics) to get someone to buy, then they haven’t seen the value.

All that will happen is that you will use discounts, add-ons, promo’s etc. Essentially you will be bribing your customer to purchase. Bribery works for a while, but it isn’t sustainable, as sooner or later your competitor will come along with a bigger bribe.

What we should all be doing is marketing our values, our reason for ‘being’ to our potential audience to inspire them to do business with us.

Inspiration effectively communicated, will last a lifetime in some cases, a manipulation, a sales tactic, will motivate for as long as the bribe is better than someone else’s.

Inspiration, combined with marketing, is the route to success in business in a connected world, where people have grown tired of being sold too and are growing ever more tired of manipulations.

2 thoughts on “Don’t bother selling…..there is no point

  1. Absolutely! The moment someone tries to ‘sell’ me something, I turn them off! If I need something, or want it, I will find it. This is the age of Google, not Sears n Roebuck. I hate ads, I hate sales. It’s perfectly fine to put your company out there, to create a space for it, either in cyberspace, or in brick n mortar, but trying to push products is a waste of time these days. Companies are still trying to do it, and I’m sure they’re having some success with it, but less and less I think. Create something of value to society, something we NEED, and something worth a damn, something that YOU yourself would want in your house, to feed to your children, etc. If you wouldn’t buy it, use it, or eat it, why should anyone else? Dead on, again, brother! Keep writin’!

    1. Thanks Steve – there are still many that follow the capitalist religion, who worship at the alter of consumerism and they are perfect for the cynical sales machines to manipulate.

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