It’s a marathon not a sprint


All too often we rush our lives.

Rushing for a train, eating dinner quickly to get on to the next thing, charging from one thing to another and allowing all the stress and pressure to mount. Trying to cram more and more into our days, often frustrated and saying ‘there’s not enough time’.

We are bombarded from all sides about getting things done instantly, about being busy, about doing more and so on.

Don’t do it.

Actually, it is much more productive to take your time, do less and then end up actually doing more in the process.

More importantly, very few things that we ‘need’ to do are so important, that they have to be done immediately, as most of them are not life or death. You can’t put everything off forever, but most things can wait until you are ready to do them well.

So take a step back and plan to do less, spend time doing that ‘less’ really well. Spend time on the things that matter and take time to saviour and enjoy those things.

Not only will you be more productive, you will be less stressed, healthier, more happy and ultimately more successful.

Life is a long journey, with many twists and turns. It is a marathon not a series of one-off sprints.

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