Management vs leadership

We are living in a world choked by management and what we need are leaders.

I wrote this 3 years ago almost to the day and it seems to be even more apt now given the lack of leadership within corporations, businesses and governments.

Management corrodes, leadership nourishes

The system loves management, it enables efficiency, it maximises the return from all of the assets.

Management is control, is fear, is catching out, is replacing trust with systems, is removing creativity, is imposing compliance, is organising assets, is anti-human. It is the corrosion of people.

Leadership is not about authority, it is about inspiration, about trust, empathy, inclusiveness, is about creating safe environments, is about the human, not the asset. Leadership is about everyone, not the leader, it is about putting people first. It is about collaboration, not coercion.

We do not need more management, we need true leadership. We need to break out and try creating organisations that truly inspire, that make people feel good, trusted, appreciated and worthy.

It takes a brave person to lead and a weak person to manage and control.

No one needs more being told what to do, they need more appreciation of what they do right. No one tires of good feedback, support, understanding, being made to feel worthy and trusted. Most importantly, no one ever gets tired of being praised.

It is that simple, but it requires all of us to take on the responsibility of being leaders and being the change we want to see.

Management is corrosive, we all flourish under true leadership.

Who is ready for real democracy?

IMG_6640 (1)

So this week I am at the Ouishare Fest 16 at the fabulous Cabaret Sauvage in Paris. My mate Bernie has been telling me to come to this for 4 years. Now I am finally here, I wonder why I never came before, it’s not like I need much of an excuse to visit Paris.

This morning I was listening to various chats on Block Chain, which I did a podcast on recently and blogged about. I am now starting really understand the potential of this technology. I am not suggesting now that I have become some expert, far from it, but I can see a glimpse of how this technology can allow complete decentralisation and can effective bypass or replace the needs for governments.

If you are regular reader of my blog, then you will know that I am not a big fan of the current world operating system, I am not a fan of the establishment, I am not a fan of all the ‘isms’, party politics and the industrialised system that has enabled a tiny few to hoard all the wealth and power. Where the majority of the 7 billion + of us are mainly replaceable and interchangeable cogs in their ‘machine’.

So seeing a technology like Block Chain, which is effectively a giant ledger that the many own rather than the few. So we can have a truly global democracy that the many can own and run. So we can have control of governance, rather than be in no control of the governments that currently govern us.

The thing about all of this is, when the majority of the 7 billion who have been stolen from by the colonial and industrialised system, that the Western countries have mainly controlled, demand reparations for this and a return of the stolen wealth and resources, which clearly they would vote for in a truly global democracy that every citizen would have a valid vote in, then the all of us in the West will have to get comfortable with redistribution of resources, especially the uber-wealthy of the world.

True global democracy will come as Block Chain will inevitably enable this revolution, but like any big change, it will come with a price and we have all to be aware and sure we are ready.

The fact is, there is already more than enough wealth in the world so that we can all live comfortably. I blogged before that if we started with a blank sheet of paper and designed the world, we would not create what we currently have. We would not give virtually all the money/power/resources/political control to less than 1% of the population.

Block Chain could enable us to reverse that and bypass that system rather than having to destroy it. For me, bring on the revolution, let’s create true global democracy.