Easy is a Venus Flytrap

If it is easy there is no value.

However, easy is appealing, we are tempted by the easy, as it gives us an immediate hit.

Value takes patience and sacrifice, we have to give up on the immediate hits to get it.

Every high or hit has a corresponding low. Something valuable brings us joy that is long lasting.

Easy is a Venus Flytrap.

What do you value?

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What do you value in your life? What really matters?

Stop your busy life for a moment and write down who, what, the things or activities that matter.

Look at that list of people and activities you do value, and then think how much time do I really spend on them?

Sometimes we say ‘I’d love to do more x, I’d love to spend more time with y, but I don’t have time’.

Apparently, we spend on average 4 hours a day watching TV (Netflix, YouTube or whatever form of media, doesn’t have to be old school TV).

Well, if we simply cut that by 50%, that would give us 2 hours a day, 14 hours a week, over 2 full 24 hour days a month, 25 days a year, a whole year back every 14 years and over an average life 5-6 years of time to spend.

There is always time, it is a question of how much we really value the activities, the people we love or the things that matter in life.

If you value them, make time. Otherwise, perhaps you need to reassess what does really matter in your life.