The past is not the guide to the future. The past is simply a memory in our head that the mind retrieves to try to plot out the future.

The past and the future only exist in our minds.

Now is the guide to everything, as we can only do in the present moment. So what we do now is determined by now, unless you allow the mind to dictate.

Allow action to flow from our very essence and being, free from mental distraction and noise. Our creativity is only limited by our mind and the past.

Sky is not the limit

We are the only limiting factor in anything.

The sky is not, in fact, nor is anything else.

The limit is the restriction we put upon ourselves.

Our lives are played out not on a stage, but in the theatre of our minds.

There and only there do we get to act and write the script of our life’s play.

Yet we still write the play for the audience outside the theatre instead of for ourselves.

There is no limit other that the one we will place on the play that we are going to write.

What will be the limit in your play? How far will you let go? How brave will you be?

We’ll write a script only as far as the limit we place.