Save money

We can always save money in business, install cheaper, cut corners, water down the mixture, cut wages, and so on. There are many ways to reduce costs.

The problem is that we are trapped in a price-conscious business that is in a race to the bottom with the other businesses in that trap.

Savings equal lesser quality and lower price.

If we create value then the price is not the driver and quality is.

Saving money is easier, building a business on value and quality, takes time and a willingness to overcome fear and risk.

Saving money


Don’t look to save money in your business. That simply tells yourself and the world around you that you do not believe in your vision.

Running a business to save money is pointless.

This doesn’t mean that you have reckelessly spend without any thought.

What we need to be focusing our energies on is investing our time wisely to build our business. Our time is the most valuable asset that we own, and every moment we spend could be on building not on how to save money.

How we make the most of our time is finding others to do the things that we are not skilled in, while we spend our time doing what we are best at.

Save your time not your money.