A view from Sint Maarten

Sint Maarten by Philip Dodson
Sint Maarten by Philip Dodson

Today someone read my blog from Sint Maarten.

I had to Google where that was, and if like me you had no idea, it is in the Caribbean, east of the British Virgin Islands.

It has a population of 33,000 people and it is a Dutch colony and someone there read one of my blogs.

Sint Maarten or Kenya or anywhere else in the world is not the point. We live in unique times that anyone can create a blog site for free and upload posts and share them with the entire world.

Previously the only way to be heard was to have a newspaper, or a TV station or a radio programme or go and travel the world and speak directly. Exactly, not everyone could do that, well now we all can.

So, if you have a something to say, then say it.

The world wants to hear it and they can hear it.

It’s up to you to broadcast it or not.

We all have power


The most overlooked and amazing gift that the internet has given us all is connection and the ability to create our own audience and tribe. Not gigabytes of data.

Now we are able to connect with people all over the world and if we are clear enough about our message, then we will attract others who share our values and cause. We can form communities, create change, in fact, the possibilities are only limited by ourselves.

This means we can now have our own TV (video), radio (podcasts), newspaper (blogs) and books(self-publishing). We are the editor in chief of all our outputs. Before only the established media had this power, backed by massive audiences and massive advertising revenue.

The mass is melting and the individual is rising, who are building their own unique content and messages for niche tribes.

We all now have a power, will you use it and what will you use it for?

Your audience is waiting.