You can craft the perfect message all day long but if you haven’t defined who you message is for or the purpose of the message, then it simply won’t matter.

Definition is the starting point for anything so everyone is clear from the beginning what we are looking to achieve and what we are meaning.

It is important in our own minds to be super clear what our objective is too.

A great deal of miscommunication and failed objectives come because we weren’t clear in our message and we weren’t clear who the message was for.

Simple and defined messages enable others to understand our purpose.


Faces by Philip Dodson
Faces by Philip Dodson

Faces are one of the hardest things to draw and there are so many different expressions, messages, signals, things being said by them.

They are amazing things, that say so much about you to others. You can tell happiness or not, kindness or not, warmth or not, so many emotions, or lack of them, can be seen from a person’s face.

It is the world’s window into us.

How often do you think about the face you have put on and what message it sends? Or thinking deeper, what is going on behind the face, that projects whatever representation of us to the world via it.

We often have expressions out of habit and are unaware how others see us.

Maybe you could change something that puts a different look on your face, sends a different impression of ourselves.

What does your face say about you? Take a look in the mirror or ask others what your face is saying.