Take the handbrake off


We drive our lives like a car with the handbrake on, scared of going too fast, scared of letting go.

Release the handbrake, remove the shell of fear, break out and liberate yourself.

We all have allowed ourselves and others to impose fear on us, from the moment we are born we are told ‘don’t’.

We can reverse that slowly but surely by telling ourselves ‘do’.

Let your car of life roll down the hill freely without the handbrake on.

You might crash or you might steer yourself to the destination you want.

You’ll never know until you release the brake.

Liberation and true freedom


We can liberate ourselves from anything we choose to in our lives by being open to our emotions and embracing them, being curious about them and then writing a different story.

Being brave enough to not resist things and to step into the unknown and not fear pain.

Liberating ourselves of the burden of suppressed emotions and a willingness to be brave enough to be vulnerable is the only way to enjoy true freedom.

Having this freedom is truly liberating.